Socially Responsible Investing

Philosophy and Approach

Values first: We seek to align investments with our clients’ core values or mission by excluding companies exposed to what each client believes to be objectionable products, services, or business practices.

Perspective: Decades of experience working with clients on values and mission alignment has taught us that a deep understanding of SRI issues is critical to successful implementation and the ability to adhere to clients’ socially responsible mandates.

Performance-oriented: Our data-driven platform allows us to quantify the potential impact of socially responsible restrictions on client portfolios.

Our platform was built to meet the needs of a diverse client base.

Research driven: Our platform aggregates SRI data from outside vendors and our own proprietary research on a global universe of securities, covering factors that have historically mattered to our socially and environmentally conscious clients.

Flexible: We work with clients to understand their values or mission and curate custom SRI screens that adapt over time to any changes in client preferences and to evolving corporate exposures.

Transparent: We have built a suite of analytical and reporting applications driven by our proprietary data and research platform. We can uncover exposures in portfolios, indices, and outside investment products to promote consistent alignment with client values or mission.


The interaction of deep SRI data, market data, and client preferences enables a clear view of objectionable exposures and the degree of investment flexibility.

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