3 Words for This Week


With the UK voting to leave the European Union, uncertainty swirls around Europe and ripples through the world. What’s at play? A lot: Politics, currency, trade, immigration, the future of the EU, the future of the UK, investor behavior, and monetary policy, to name a few. Many investors “panic sell” forcing some platforms to shut down.

What should you know? Don’t panic. Talk to your financial planner about your long term goals in the context of recent events.



News continues to swirl about the Department of Labor’s ruling that brokers must act in their clients’ best interest (sometimes). A lot of 401(k) administrators are working to bring practices and policies in line with the new laws. Surprised? Many consumers assume their advisor is already a fiduciary. Many advisors aren’t fiduciaries – but many are.

What should you know? Ask your advisor if they are a fiduciary. Look for the “fee-only” service model.



As stock markets go from swoons to near record-highs, many investors look for safety. They often turn to bonds (aka “fixed income”) – especially those bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury. The 10 Year Treasury Note (T-Note) is an oft cited proxy for the US bond market environment. As more people buy the bonds, the market value (or the cost to buy the bond from another investor) goes up. As the purchase price goes up, the yield goes down. The contradictory combination of high stock prices and low yields has many investors feeling uneasy.

What should you know? Keep your eye on the horizon. Work with your advisor to keep your investment policy in line with long term goals and current market environments.


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